Let's Make Vague Ideas Vaguer Images: MFA I Book Arts/Printmaking

Gallery 224

“Let’s Make Vague Ideas Vaguer Images” presents works in progress from graduate students in the MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking program. The work shown highlights the exploration of identity through printmaking and book arts. This exhibition documents the development of a body of work from Yijun Chen MFA ’15 (Book Arts/Printmaking), Sue Carrie Drummond MFA ’15 (Book Arts/Printmaking), Isabel Lederman MFA ’15 (Book Arts/Printmaking) and Li Lui MFA ’15 (Book Arts/Printmaking).

The work of Yijun Chen, who is from China, focuses on exploring the relationship between humans and microorganisms, which represents a state of symbiosis.

Sue Carrie Drummond is from Jackson, Miss. Her work explores her personal and intimate experiences as well as those of people she encounters. Currently she is experimenting with fibers and other new materials.

Isabel Lederman is from California and has a background in poetry and letterpress. Lederman’s work in printmaking and book arts focuses on the distortion of memory and mnemonic recall.

Li Lui is from Xiamen, China. Her work explores the boundary of existence and the interaction between human and universe relationships.

Closing Reception: April 4, 5 – 8 p.m.

Anderson Hall

333 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States

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