CAMD Communication Workshop: The Art of Poster Design

President's Office Gallery

Exhibit extended through April 25!

The President’s Office is pleased to present "CAMD Communication Workshop: The Art of Poster Design," which showcases CAMD Cross-College course ILUS 480 Communication Workshop, exploring the creation of poster art. ILUS 480 is a collaborative studio offered to Graphic Design and Illustration majors mentored by faculty from three schools, including Illustration Adjunct Associate Professor Ralph Giguere, Graphic Design Master Lecturer Marie Cirotti Levine and Theater Assistant Professor Rick Stoppleworth. The focus of this studio is the creation of posters for the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts main-stage productions.

In this studio, students are challenged with real-life, professional design experiences as they work with a client, develop illustration and design concepts to completion and finalize poster production in the Boroswky Center for Publication Arts. A member of the faculty from the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts serves as the client guiding the discussion of the play being produced, suggesting possible direction for imagery and tonality of the poster. From that initial discussion, reading of the play and visual research the student creates a series of initial approach sketches that are responded to by the client, faculty and studio mates. Out of those sketches, a specific direction is agreed upon for each student. This approach is then developed and refined through studio response culminating in a final poster. At a jury of full-sized prints of each final poster, a choice is made as to which poster will be used to advertise the theater production throughout the UArts campus and Avenue of the Arts community.

This course has been offered since the spring of 2000. In that time, UArts students have created over 70 theater posters. This exhibit is a sample of that dynamic, beautiful work. Represented in this exhibition are some of the most successful works of the course along with a visual exploration of how the posters are developed, how they are used to promote the Brind School’s production effort and how they respond to and reveal the emotional and intellectual points of the play being produced.

Reception: March 27, 3 – 5 p.m.

Above: Poster illustration for "The Seagull" by Lizzette Quintero BFA '12 (Graphic Design), digital collage, 2012.

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