Rush Arts Gallery

Group exhibition featuring work by Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Master Lecturer Charles Browning and alumnus Adam Wallacavage BFA ’95 (Photography).

House of the Nobleman is pleased to present “Breathless,” a group exhibition based on a contemporary examination of artists who turn once-living creatures into inanimate aesthetic objects. Through various media, including painting, drawing, embroidery, sculpture and taxidermy, the works in this exhibition recontextualize the scientific into an artistic observation where the grotesque is upheld as an object of beauty. When viewed from this vantage, natural history is seen as a craft or practice in which emphasis is placed on the existential experience of the observer rather than the scientific characteristics of the objects or organisms. Even though breathless, pieces on display maintain the characteristics of being alive, achieving their immortality by becoming art.

This exhibition seeks to share with the community a complex and engaging selection of artwork. The gallery space will be transformed into a semi-furnished wooden dwelling where viewers are invited to experience and investigate the narrative set before them.

A portion of sales from this exhibition will go towards supporting Rush Arts Gallery.

Opening Reception: February 27, 6 - 8 p.m.

Rush Arts Gallery
526 West 26th St. #311
New York, NY
United States

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