Thirty-Five Years / 35 Pictures: David Graham '76

Gallery 339

Philadelphia's Gallery 339 presents "Thirty-Five Years / 35 Pictures," an exhibition by Photography professor and UArts alumnus David Graham BFA '76 (Photography) featuring one photograph from each of the past 35 years (1979 – 2013). The show represents his long-term commitment to the documentation of the American cultural landscape.

"David Graham is part of an increasingly small number of photographers who don’t approach their art in tightly circumscribed terms; each picture is not part of a discrete, highly conceptualized project. In Graham’s case, this has allowed him to develop a body of work that is as immense and varied as its subject – American individualism, as expressed in our idiosyncratic, chaotic and remarkable environment and citizenry. The challenge for an exhibition that tries to summarize Graham’s work is the very scope and scale that make it so exceptional. Where to begin? What to include? How to knit together this considerable photographic oeuvre in a coherent manner without resorting to an exhibition comprised of the best-known pictures? "Thirty-Five Years / 35 Pictures" does feature well-known images, but we imposed the one-picture-per-year strategy to both gain control over the work and to force decisions that we might not typically make. And so it has; given that it’s a single picture from each year, many classic pictures had to be let go in favor of others that have received less attention over time. Sad as we were to lose some images, this approach has brought forward several outstanding and underappreciated ones; it has also yielded interesting new relationships among pictures that have never found themselves near each other (either in exhibitions or books). Ultimately, we’ve tried to at least hint at the depth and breadth of this exceptional chronicle of America." – Gallery 339

Above: "Warren, NH," 1999; Homepage: "Post Bulletins Practicing at Graham Park, Rochester, Minnesota," 1988; Photographic C-Print.

Gallery 339
339 S. 21st Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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