Do not reply: Dan Haddigan '09

Printmaking Gallery

Solo exhibition by alumnus Dan Haddigan BFA ’09 (Printmaking).

Everyday, we are bombarded with messages – many of them reach us through email. Those messages deemed suitable and relevant for our consumption and attention are filtered through an algorithm and appear in our inboxes. But what about the ones not making it through? Are they filtered for our convenience, or is there another reason? Are there things that they don't want you to see, don't want you to know? Supernatural beings have been known to communicate electronically – could these be epistles from beings beyond our own reality?

“Do not reply” is an attempt to decode and translate these messages. Assuming the role of translator and prophet of these "messages from beyond," Haddigan takes the meaningless and assigns meaning, while adopting the anti-aesthetic of amateur conspiracy theorists, skeptics and spam emails themselves. Through his use of specifically chosen materials – combining plaster casting and lithography in a new and unique way of making prints, he monumentalizes the ephemeral.

Dan Haddigan was born 104 days after the 4th of July, 1986. He is a co-founder of and has shown at Vox Populi Gallery and the New Wilmington Art Association. He lives and works in Philadelphia.

Anderson Hall
333 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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