Shake Rattle Roll: Mike Dias '13

Hamilton Hall Platforms

The Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative at the University of the Arts is pleased to present a new project by alumnus Mike Dias BFA '13 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts). Titled "Shake Rattle Roll," Dias' project presents a pair of automobiles on the two opposing platforms outside of Hamilton Hall: one in a position of triumphant success, the other stripped down and flipped over as if defeated.

Dias selected two very specific automobiles for this project. The north platform displays a gleaming new Jeep Wrangler in bright red, while on the south platform, he created a sculpture using the body of a Suzuki Samurai. The Samurai was only briefly imported into the United States, but developed a cult following despite controversy over its safety. The Jeep Wrangler remains an iconic American vehicle, from its origins during World War II to its current status as a symbol of romanticized self-reliance and adventure.

Together, these two vehicles present a parable of success and failure – the Jeep rearing up on a pair of ramps, while the Samurai sits inverted and rusting atop a pile of rocks.

Through this pairing, Dias calls into question the line we draw between success and failure, suggesting that the distinction between the two may not be as clear as we think.

Dias will be participating in the Popp's Packing artist residency in Detroit this fall and is currently based in Philadelphia.

More information on Mike Dias can be found at For more information on the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative, please contact Lewis Colburn by phone at 215-717-6645 or

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