Art, Play and the Environment

Hamilton Hall Platforms

A collaborative project by:
MFA Program Director Erin Boyle MFA '05 (Sculpture): Concept and Design
Sculpture Shop Supervisor Lewis Colburn: Design and Fabrication
Zac Pritchard MFA '14 (Studio Art) and Monika Felber MFA '14 (Studio Art): Lead Collaborators, Fabrication

Collaboration and teamwork by MFA in Studio Art students, who will gather every Sunday at 10:30 to create a new sculpture from the same material.

The moment a child picks up a building block anything can happen, the imagination is endless. As adults, we see things from a different perspective with a plan and with certainty. The purpose of this collaborative project is to see what happens when a group of MFA students are given a set of large-scale building blocks and asked each week to get together as a group and build something new. The exchange of ideas, the playfulness of the material, and the endless possibility of combinations bring us back to a place where thinking and contemplating are set aside and anything can and will happen.

Hamilton Hall Platforms
320 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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