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The Art of Sam Wolfe Connelly

The Art of Sam Wolfe Connelly

Nov 21—Mar 7 2017

Richard C. von Hess Illustration Gallery

Sam Wolfe Connelly has a profound fascination with the unknown.

School of Art Faculty, Alums in Wayne Art Center Exhibition

Dec 2—Jan 28 2017

Wayne Art Center

Artists will also participate in the International Fiber Art Fair at the Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center in South Korea in June, 2017.

Act 1, Year Two, November

Ben Altman: The More That Is Taken Away

Jan 6—Feb 3 2017

Sol Mednick Gallery

Ben Altman's multiple-year earthwork, performance and meditation "The More That Is Taken Away" uses the mass grave as its central image and spectacle.

Ella, Photogravure with Chine-Collé, 2011

Fritz Liedtke: Astra Velum / Liminal Spaces

Jan 6—Feb 3 2017

Gallery 1401

Portland, Oregon-based artist Fritz Liedtke presents two series at Gallery 1401: "Astra Velum" and "Liminal Spaces."

Peter Rose: Witness

Jan 11—Feb 3 2017

Hamilton & Arronson Galleries

Presented here are paeons to the sun, investigations of the sixth dimension, performative illuminations, and mythical journeys through a suburban parking garage.

After Now

Jan 19—Jan 28 2017

Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery

Artists in this exhibition are Gideon Barnett, Michael Ciervo, Micah Danges, Samuel Hindolo, Peter Allen Hoffmann and Kelsey Halliday Johnson.