Exceptions to Room & Board Policies

Exceptions to the Board/Meal Plan Policies at the University of the Arts

Please Note: Exemptions and Exceptions to the Board/Meal Plan Policies are ONLY granted due to a fully documented disability or a religious exemption.

Applications for changes to the meal plan must be supported by a medical diagnosis or substantiation of disability and must be made before the end of the drop/add period of each semester. Exceptions will be considered for conditions initially diagnosed during the semester after the drop/add date. 

The University of the Arts is able to accommodate most food allergies and sensitivities within the Dining Services facilities. The Dining Services staff at the University of the Arts are specifically trained in handling food allergies and allergen-specific food preparation to avoid cross-contamination through AllerTrain(TM).

All food is prepared from scratch on campus from local ingredients and is delivered fresh daily. Any special preparations of food can be accommodated if they are arranged with the Dining Hall. All recipes for all foods and ingredients are available upon request at Terra Dining Hall, just ask for the Chef.

Because of the flexibility provided for in the meal plan, including packaging meal ingredients for preparation in room, all options must be exhausted through the meal plan before a request for exemption will be considered.  If you have any questions about accommodations to our meal plan or options available through Dining Services, please contact the Director of Dining Services at diningservices@uarts.edu.

The following common reasons given to justify a meal plan accommodation will NOT be considered:

• I don’t like the food.
• The meal schedule does not fit my personal schedule.
• I am a vegetarian or vegan or gluten free (except students with documented Celiac Disease).
• I cannot afford to be on a meal plan.
• I have more meals than I can use.
• I don’t eat all my meals.

All exceptions due to religious dietary restrictions should be referred to the Dean of Students. The University of the Arts dining facilities are not Kosher or Halal.

Application for Special Meal Plan/Board Exceptions and Exemptions

You and an appropriate third party should fill out one or both forms and return to the Office of Educational Accessibility at access@uarts.edu. (Please note you will need your UArts email and password to access these forms and may need to sign out of any other Google-managed accounts.)