Dean's Welcome Message

This is a fantastic time to be a student at the University of the Arts!

We've just gone through a transformation – and that's what education is about, isn't it? Transformation!

We have a great tradition of educating some of the finest artists, designers and filmmakers around. But we know the world is changing, so we have changed too. But we haven't lost what made us so great in the first place – we've kept to our core values.

We know that some students are really focused really early on and know what they want to study. We also know that some students are not so wedded to one subject and need time to explore a little. Both kinds of students will feel at home here. Disciplinary depth is still there if you want it; breadth is there, if you need it.

The individual disciplines in art, design and film are still there. But the ways into and out of those disciplines are more flexible; the disciplines are more integrated – by being grouped together in schools, by the tracks you can take or the concentrations you can choose. The potential for interdisciplinary work is great, you can work with faculty outside of your major and you can collaborate with other students, all across the University.

There is a lot of choice in the new College of Art, Media & Design. And our current students tell us they love the choices and they love the responsibility that comes with being able to make those choices. They are in control of their own education almost from the word go.

If you are interested in exploring your own skills and interests and those of the fantastic faculty who teach here, then come on in!

Christopher Sharrock
College of Art, Media & Design