CAMD Core Studies

Quick Takes

Quick Takes

Take a look inside the College of Art, Media & Design's Core Studies program with faculty member Michael Grothusen

Students in the College of Art, Media & Design (CAMD) meet in Core Studies studio courses to create, explore and experiment. It's the College's central learning hub, where traditional discipline boundaries are blurred and notions of art-making and design are expanded. Through an innovative and cross-disciplinary curriculum, the program encourages you to bridge traditional divisions and connect common themes among the fields of art, design and film.

You begin your journey by making choices that help you find the direction you want to take, or to go in a direction you've already chosen. The courses you choose will expose you to:

  • Experiences across disciplines
  • Experimentation
  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Integration

Students in Core Studies engage in an artistic community by collaborating on projects; you’ll also have the opportunity to work individually. The first two semesters’ courses create a learning community that aids your transition to an academic environment, and helps you build a community with peers of diverse backgrounds and interests. The curriculum incorporates writing, reading and research to create a cultural context for the studio practice. It integrates art, film and design; concept and form; and thinking and making. By utilizing the dynamic city of Philadelphia as a resource, connections are made, and learning extends beyond the classroom and engages with the world.

The program's open structure and array of courses allow students to design an individualized program of study. If you're a highly focused student, you have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive view of the arts, enriching your work in an area of specialization in unexpected ways and promoting more career flexibility. If you're an undecided student, the breadth of Core Studies will help you clarify your educational path.

Core Studies introduces students to major concepts and skills fundamental to all CAMD programs. In the first semester, students from across disciplines enroll in two courses: Image/Time and Object/Environment. These courses help students to acclimate and connect to the College while laying the groundwork for further study.

The Core becomes increasingly more flexible as students progress, offering a wide range of courses. Students may choose courses from the four themes: Image, Time, Object and Environment. With the careful guidance of advisors, students devise their own individual pathways based on their evolving interests and explorations.