Award Notification

Award letters will be sent to new students beginning in February and to returning students beginning in May. The Office of Student Financial Services staff will be available to counsel students at any point during the application process. Students should be aware that some aid is conditional on the availability of funds to the University, and if these funds are reduced, the University may reduce aid accordingly.

If an award is listed estimated, that means some additional steps must be taken by the student before the student can receive those funds, such as completing verification, an entrance interview, or other required documents.

Additional steps are required to claim these forms of financial aid:

Federal Work Study

In order to claim a FWS award the student must locate an eligible job. Once hired, the student must come to the Office of Student Financial Services to complete the necessary payroll paperwork. Students cannot work, nor can they be paid, until this paperwork is submitted and proper identification is documented. FWS cannot be deducted from the tuition invoice.

PLUS and Direct Loans

These loans must be applied for through . Proceeds from these loans are disbursed to the University electronically and will not require the student’s signature.

The award notice is subject to revision under the following circumstances:

  1. If government funding levels to the University are reduced, individual awards will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Verification - The Office of Student Financial Services is required by federal regulation to resolve any discrepancies in information submitted per verification with that already in a student’s file. Once the discrepancies are resolved, the student’s aid amounts and/or types may be revised based on the changes.
  3. As above, if at any point in the year The University becomes aware of information that conflicts with other documentation in the student’s file, we will resolve the discrepancy and revise the award accordingly.
  4. Outside Scholarships - Per federal regulation, a student is not permitted to be “over awarded.” That is, a student’s total amount of scholarships, grants, loans, and work study may not exceed the student’s calculated need. If a student would be over awarded due to an outside scholarship, we are required to adjust the other elements of the aid package to eliminate the over award. We encourage students to seek outside scholarships, and will adjust institutional aid only if absolutely necessary.
  5. The University may substitute other aid funds of equal amount and type at any point in the year at its discretion and without any notice.
  6. If the student changes enrollment status.
  7. If the University is required to adjust the student’s award for any other reason.