Tania O'Donnell MAT '03 (Visual Arts)

"2: Above and Below" by Tania O'Donnell MAT '03 (Visual Arts).

After graduation from the University of the Arts, Tania O’Donnell MAT '03 (Visual Arts) worked for one year at the Barnes Foundation developing and implementing education programs for school groups, specialized adult tours and continuing education. She also realigned their docent-training program to reflect the core principles of the foundation.

O'Donnell moved on to a position at Upper Darby (Pa.) High School, where she currently teaches. She began teaching in the school's art major programs, including foundation drawing and painting, as well as in the general studio art and sculpture courses. She developed and implemented the ceramics curriculum there, which is now one of the most popular elective offerings at the school. She sponsored the Art Club for several years and has sponsored Student Government for the last eight years, focusing primarily on mentoring and developing leadership skills in students.

She has worked across the curriculum to give students opportunities to design ceramic works for specific "clients." Her and her students recently worked with students in the horticulture classes to create ceramic flowerpots for entry at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which won two honorable mention awards.

With the help of a Creative Incubator/Wells Fargo grant from the University's Corzo Center for the Creative Economy, O'Donnell recently launched a new business, the Red Barn Arts Center in Wellsboro, Pa., where she is the director of programming as well as a workshop instructor.

In addition to teaching full time and working at the Red Barn, she has continued to exhibit and sell her artwork in at least one show per year.