Employer Services

Job Listings/Résumé Searches
The Career Services Office is pleased to offer employers access to UArtsCareers, our comprehensive online system. UArtsCareers allows you to post your open positions directly to the web, to receive applications via e-mail directly from interested students and alumni, and to search online resumes and portfolios to find people who match the qualifications you need.

If you would like to gain access to the system, go to www.uartscareers.com and click on "'Employers." Upon approval by Career Services, you will be able to post your opportunities.

We will also continue to accept position listings that have been e-mailed or faxed (215-717-6077) directly to our office.

Your listing should include the following: 

  • Position title, description and desired qualifications
  • Company name, contact person, address, phone, fax, e-mail and website address
  • Any other pertinent information you wish to provide to us

Internship Program
An internship is a career-related learning experience that provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain "real world" experience and to explore a variety of career fields. The academic internship program at the University of the Arts is designed to give students practical experience in their area of academic study.

Academic (credit-bearing) internships may only be unpaid if they comply with the US Department of Labor’s six criteria as outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The Career Services Office strongly encourages all for-profit internship sites (including start-ups and sole proprietors) to offer students compensation equivalent to minimum wage in the form of pay, stipend, travel reimbursement, or housing expenses for a summer program.  Please refer to the NACE Position Statement on Compensation for Internships for additional details. 

Internships are educational experiences that exist for the primary benefit of the intern, not the benefit of the company. Therefore, your internship description should focus on what the intern WILL LEARN from the experience and not what the intern WILL DO for your company. 

Academic internships are supervised both within the work setting by an expert in the discipline related to the internship, as well as by a UArts faculty member. Therefore, if you are seeking an intern, you MUST already have an employee on staff with specific, relevant expertise to train and oversee the work of the intern. If you do not, then your position is either a paid freelance project or paid part-time job!

The timing of academic internships must coincide with our semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) to enable students to register for and earn academic credit. Be aware that any internships beginning after a semester has begun and our add/drop period is over will be categorized as a non-credit internship, which legally requires compensation by for-profit companies (interns at non-profits may be unpaid volunteers).

If you are interested in hosting a student intern at your company or organization as part of the academic internship program, you can email us the details at careerservices@uarts.edu, enter it into our online system UArtsCareers, or complete and submit an Internship Sponsor Questionnaire.