Carrie J. Galbraith MFA '01 (Book Arts/Printmaking)

Business Information
Based in Oakland, Calif.
Self-Employed, Art Director

Professional Experience
Instructor/Visiting Professor: City College of San Francisco, Mills College, California College of the Arts
Visiting Fulbright Scholar: The University of the West, Romania
Professor/Post Graduate Fellow: Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy
Fine Artist: multiple exhibitions and sales to collections worldwide

University and Alumni Association Involvement
I have stayed in touch with the faculty and while a Fulbrighter in Romania, invited Patty Smith to come and guest teach a week as well as initiated an exchange exhibit with the Book Arts program and my students in Romania, which was exhibited in both Philly and Romania.  I have attended alumni events here on the West Coast when the new president came out to speak to alum about the school. Attended and spoke on a panel at the Hybrid book conference in 2009 at UArts. Convinced one of my students to attend UArts for grad school in Book Arts.

Volunteer/Leadership Roles
I have been in leadership roles my entire life and am a lifetime Girl Scout. I volunteer in my community at various events, including with AFT. I was also involved in volunteering with the Occupy Oakland movement and would work in the kitchen every night.

I have worked with public schools and after-school programs in doing book-making workshops with kids and have spoken about my travels and the plight of women and children in Eastern and Central Europe and the Balkans at some clubs, especially the Soroptimist Club.

Personal Accomplishments
Fulbright Senior Scholar, Romania 2004/2005
Seacourt Artist-in-Residence, Belfast, Northern Ireland 2005/2006
CAA Speaker and Travel Grant Recipient
Visiting Artist, University of Dundee, Scotland
Artist-in-Resddience, Cushandal, Ireland

Letter of Interest
I am interested in serving on the Alumni Council because I feel strongly that UArts is a top tier university and offers students a chance to know that there is more in the world than the "safe" career path. I only studied for two years at UArts, but what I saw of the talent, enthusiasm, caliber of faculty, energy of students and devotion from the administration and the governing body toward the success of the students, especially the undergrads, was phenomenal.

Part of my interest in the Alumni Council is due to the lack of representation from the graduate population. When I was at UArts, there were less than 100 grad students. And they had no representation at the school. When I attended the meeting with President Buffington, I was the only attendee who had done grad work at UArts, and therefore came from a much different place than my colleagues at the meeting.

My growth, my ability to succeed in my chosen medium, my ability to teach and present a wide-range of knowledge, came directly out of my experience with the faculty at UArts. I would greatly treasure the chance to give back, to promote the university and to interact with others as dedicated to the institution that helped open a door to the rest of my life.

I am a natural leader, a person who has worked in the commercial arts world of games (10 years) and the fine arts world (my books are in collections around the world including the Tate Britain, the National Museum of Print in Dublin and the National Library in Rome) and have also spent the last 11 years in academia. I can lead young and aspiring students through the murky terrain of what it means to be an artist and also vouch for the validity of a solid education to get there. I am at a point in my life and career where "giving back" is the obvious next step.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Carrie Galbraith