Alumni Small Businesses

The University of the Arts seeks to support the endeavors of our talented alumni. We encourage you to explore the work of these entrepreneurs using the links below.

If you are an alum and the owner of a small business, please let us know. It can be a bricks and mortar shop, it can be an Etsy shop or a personal website. It can be anywhere in the world, selling something related to your art discipline or not at all. We would be happy to include you in a new listing of alumni-owned businesses.

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Lila Oliver Asher DIPL ’43 (Advertising Design)

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Ed Letven CERT '54 (Advertising Design)
Letven Art

Richard DeFeo BS '56 (Industrial Design)
The Manor B&B at Opera House Square

Herb Snitzer BFA '57 (Photography)
Herb Snitzer Photography

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Jerry Lieberman BFA ’61 (Advertising Design)
Jerry Lieberman Productions

Shirley Hartman '62 (Fashion Illustration)
SJH Studios

George Kenton BFA ’63 (Illustration)
George Kenton Design

Beverly Montgomery BFA '65 (Graphic Design)
Whipray Caye Lodge

Gayle Bair BFA '67 (Printmaking)
Gayle Bair Pottery

John Ollman BFA '67 (Sculpture)
Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

Stephanie Braun Blythe BFA ’68 (Fibers)
Mixed Media Figurative Sculpture

Michael Cabnet BS '68 (Industrial Design)
Susan Cabnet BFA '70 (Crafts)
Cabnet Goldsmiths

Michael Pedicin BM '68 (Composition)
Michael Pedicin Music

Rosalie Sherman BFA '68 (Sculpture)
Rosalie Sherman Sculptural Hardware

Dale Moyer BFA '69 (Illustration) & Susan Moyer BFA '69 (Fibers)
Moyer Design and Direct Marketing

Toni Silber-Delerive BFA '69 (Painting)
Tonis Art

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Barbara Blau BFA '70 (Painting)
Barbara Blau Collectables

Don Moyer BFA ’70 (Graphic Design)
Calamity Worldwide LLC

Julia Ruth Claus BFA '70 (Jewelry)
Taos Healing Arts

Jean de Saint Phalle BFA '70 (Illustration)
Studio of Jean de Saint Phalle

Anthony Visco BFA '70 (Sculpture)
Atelier for the Sacred Arts

Betsy Caesar BS '71 (Environmental Design)
Playcare, Inc.

Paul Messing BFA '71 (Painting)
Original Images From Paul Messing

Myra Reichel BFA ’71 (Fibers)
Reiki Healing Center

Joey Epstein-Hachtman BFA ’72 (Illustration)
3 Designing Women Studios

Murals, Faux Finishes, Decorative Art

Charlotte Marsh BS '72 (Industrial Design)
AdMarsh, Inc.

Michael Biello BFA '73 (Crafts)
Biello Martin Studio

Ken Carbone BFA '73 (Graphic Design) & Leslie Smolan BFA '75 (Graphic Design)
Carbone Smolan Agency

Barbara (Smith) Hedlund BM ’73 (Violin/Cello)
Multi-award winning Cellist, Teacher, Music Publisher
Orchestra Personnel Administrator, Urbana Public Arts Commissioner

Patience Brewster BFA '74 (Printmaking)

Maureen Drdak BFA '75 (Painting)

Lorraine Shanahan BFA '75 (Illustration)
Just the Right Shoe

Eliot Scott BFA '75 (Painting/Drawing)
Yoram Raanan: Jewish Israeli Art

Sandra Nissen BS '76 (Industrial Design)
Stone's Throw Studio

Manuel Jose Tavares BS ‘76 (Environmental Design)
MJ Tavares Architects

Anne Belov BFA ’77 (Painting)


Trudy Borenstein-Sugiura BFA ’77 (Crafts)
Fine Jewelry Design

Richard Fanelli BS '77 (Industrial Design)
Fanelli McClain, Inc.

Ponder Goembel BFA ’77 (Illustration)
Ponder Goembel, Illustrator

Rosalind Ivens BFA '77 (Illustration)
Ros the Gardener

Sheldon Krevit BFA ’77 (Painting)
Sheldon Krevit Studio

Harold Roberts BFA '77 (Crafts)
Coryell Clayworks

Marc Williams '77 (Metals)
Marc Williams Goldsmith

Carmen Console BFA ’78 (Illustration)
Console Illustration & Design Studio

Brock Palmer BFA '78 (Photography)
Wine Valley Art

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Rona Fisher BFA '80 (Painting)
Rona Fisher Jewelry Design

Anna Foer BFA '80 (Fibers)
Anna Fine Art

Sandra Rosen BFA '80 (Illustration)
SMD Group
Sandy Rosen Art

Susan Blatt BFA '81 (Painting)
Black-Eyed Susan's Antiques

Cheryl Hines BS '81 (Enviromental Design)
Keylingo Translations

Neal Hughes BFA '81 (Illustration)
Neal Hughes Studio

Nancy Aaron BS '82 (Industrial Design)
TAC Graphics

Gretchen K. Deahl BFA '82 (Illustration)
Where Monsters Meet

Madelyn Lang BFA ’82 (Painting)
Snow Peeps

Laurel Schwass-Drew BFA ’82 (Printmaking), MFA ’03 (Sculpture)
L S Drew Graphics

Etsy Shop

Narissa Wallace BS '82 (Environmental Design)
Multi-Media Concepts, Inc.

Hratch Babikian BFA '83 (Jewelry)
Hratch Babikian Jewelry

Joshua Bach BFA ’84 (Advertising Design)

Andrea Krupp BFA '84 (Printmaking)
Andrea Krupp Paintings

James O'Malley BS '84 (Industrial Design)
Brooklyn Design and Fabrication, Inc.

Gene Burns BFA '85 (Graphic Design)
Gene Burns Graphic Design

Gabriela Neri BFA ’85 (Graphic Design)
The Neri Design Group

Bilingual, full-service graphic design agency

Mia Noren BFA '85 (Fibers)
Bull's Eye Mercantile
Mia Noren Art and Design

Paul Bildner BFA ’86 (Illustration)
City Dog Screen Printing Inc.

Susan Nees BFA '86 (Illustration)
Susan Nees Illustration

Keith A. Spaar BFA ’86 (Illustration)
YouTube Channel: The Mad Hatter Show 1865

Joanne DeWald BFA '87 (Illustration)
Joanne DeWald Graphic Design

Timothy Worrell BFA ’87 (Illustration)
Timothy Paul Carpet + Textiles

Brian J. Callahan BS '88 (Architectural Design)
Callahan Architecture, LLC

Jeff Gould BFA '88 (Illustration)
Jeff Gould Illustration

Tracy Helgeson BFA '88 (Illustration)
The Painter's Farm

Susanne Pierce Maddux BS '88 (Industrial Design)
Hero Bags

Michael Worrell BFA '88 (Illustration)
The Harmony of Humanity

David Bey BS ’89 (Industrial Design)

Sondra Dorn BFA '89 (Sculpture)
Sondra Dorn

Sarah Chase Dressler BFA '89 (Crafts)
Toadstools N Treestump

Karyn Gerred BFA '89 (Painting)
The Resource Exchange

Beth Granigan BFA '89 (Graphic Design)

Christine McCarthy BFA ’89 (Illustration)
Artful Intuition


Brian Vasilik BS '89 (Industrial Design)
Brian Vasilik Caricatures and Illustrations

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Minna Aaparyti BFA '90 (Printmaking)
Craft Foundry

Gregory Paone BFA ’90 (Graphic Design)
Paone Design Associates Ltd.

Alice Evelyn Stock BFA '90 (Dance)
The Committee for the Contemporary American Dance Museum

Neilson Carlin BFA '92 (Illustration)
Studio Rilievo

Mase (Maria) Kerdel-DeMarco BFA ’92 (Graphic Design)
MKerdel Design

Kama Linden BFA ’92 (Jazz Dance)
3 Albums sold at
Yoga DVD:
Real Estate Agent for VORO:

Cynthia Monique BFA ’92 (Dance)

Kim Marie Peterson BFA ‘92 (Dance)
Dance Dimensions

Marjorie Reppert MAT ’92
Rosemary Remembrances II

Art, Gifts & Guest Lodging, est. 1984

Troy Rowland BFA ’92 (Acting)
TMR Entertainment

Jill Canuso BS '93 (Industrial Design)
Crazy Lady Super Store

Rebecca Hoenig MFA ’93 (Book Arts + Printmaking)

Erik Sayles BMJ '93 (Guitar)
The Music Workshop

Tamer Tewfik BMJ ’93 (Piano), MAT ’94 (Music Education)
SQ Video Productions

Averil Smith Barone MAT '94 (Art Education)
Averil’s Watercolor Workshop

Kristin Gahwiler BFA ’94 (Dance Education)
Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer in Philly

Nicole Merkens BFA '94 (Printmaking)
Cowgirl Studios

Jeana Greulach BFA '95 (Acting)
JClay Pottery
Etsy Shop

Jim Hinz MFA ’95 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
Editions De Re

Deanna McLaughlin MAT '95 (Art Education)
Endless Options Yoga

Marie Pisano MFA '95 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
MGP Studio Arts

Josephine Sessa-Agliata BFA ’95 (Graphic Design)
The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe

Joe McGarvey BFA '96 (Photography)
MCG Strategic

Marianne Bascelli BFA '97 (Illustration)
The Art of Holistic Wellness

Caryn Hall BFA '97 (Musical Theater)
Prodigy Kids Performing Arts

Jason Sobin BM '97 (Guitar)
Sherman Sobin Group

Christina Hess BFA '98 (Illustration)
Christina Hess Illustration

Joshua Marowitz BFA '98 (Photography)
Jennifer Schick BFA '02 (Painting/Drawing)
Co-founders, PHAIR, Philadelphia's Maker Market at the Franklin Square Holiday Market at the Franklin Square Holiday Festival

Jenifer Rutherford BFA '98 (Photography)
Jenifer Rutherford Photography

Mary Biczak BFA '99 (Crafts)
Paisley Peacock Designs

Danielle Kaya BFA ’99 (Crafts)
Danielle Marie Tobin Designz

Donielle Bailey Horst BFA '99 (Modern Dance)
Horizons Dance Conservatory

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Mike Jarosz BM '00 (Music Performance), MM '01 (Jazz)
Soulo Mute

Mike Mann BFA '00 (Animation)
Mannamation Ink

Marsha Upshaw BFA ’00 (Writing for Film + Television)
Marsha Upshaw Interiors

Jed Williams BFA '00 (Painting/Drawing)
Jed Williams Studio

Fabian Brown BM '01 (Music Performance)
Illadel All Stars LLC (music production)

Paul Kiesche BFA '00 (Illustration)
Paul Kiesche Design, LLC

Daniel Kushner BS '01 (Industrial Design)
MONO Creators LLC (music cases)

Justin Mitchell BFA '01 (Sculpture)
Mi Cumbia (nail salon)

Jamie Salm BS '01 (Industrial Design)
Mio Culture

Virginia Batson MFA ’02 (Book Arts + Printmaking)
Barefoot Books

Stacey W. Cristaldi BFA ’02 (Theater)
Artistic Director, Swedesboro Performing Arts Academy
Studio updates can also be found on Facebook

Thomas Dorn BM '02 (Music Performance)
Spirit Gate Acupuncture

Nicole Feller-Johnson BFA '02 (Crafts)
No Two Snowflakes

Mindy Juntti BFA '02 (Crafts)
RoryRoo22, LLC Studio

Tim Lewis BFA ’02 (Crafts)
Tim Lewis Studio

Jennifer Schick BFA ’02 (Painting/Drawing)
Joshua Marowitz BFA ’98 (Photography)
Co-founders, PHAIR, Philadelphia’s Maker Market at the Franklin Square Holiday Market at the Franklin Square Holiday Festival

Laura Scott BFA '02 (Photography)
Bees and Buttercups (Handmade Goods)

Rachelle Lee Schneider BFA ’02 (Photography)

Donovan Cain BM '03 (Music Performance)
Hound About Town
Hazel Baby

Kate Chesbro BFA '03 (Photography)
Kate Chesbro Photography

Carly Giancaterino BFA '03 (Graphic Design)

Natalia (Kolarik) Hertzog BFA ’03 (Graphic Design)
Inclined, Inc.

Liz Lewis MFA '03 (Museum Planning Exhibition & Design)
Liz Lewis Associates, LLC

Joseph Opshinsky BFA '03 (Painting + Drawing)

Marisha Simons MFA '03 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
Etsy Shop

Jason Smith BFA '03 (Multimedia)
Livid Instruments

Bobbie Ann Tilkens-Fisher MA ’03 (Museum Education)
At Home Modern

Martin Brown BM '04 (Music Performance), MAT '05 (Music Education)
Little Baby's Ice Cream

David Hanas BFA ’04 (Graphic Design)
David Hanas Design, LLC

Machele Nettles BS ’04 (Industrial Design)
Talk Design

Katie O’Neill BFA '04 (Crafts)

Amy Phillips-Iverson MA ’04 (Museum Education)
1500 degrees Artwear

Anthony Tammaro BFA ’04 (Metals)
Anthony Tammaro Jewelry

Francesca Cervero BFA '05 (Dance)
Francesca Cervero Yoga + Wellness

Jenny Craig MFA '05 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
Notta Pixie Press

Tessa Kennedy BFA '05 (Crafts)
New Histories Jewelry

A. Rosalie Kenny BFA ’05 (Film)
Gift-a-Day Boxes

Lindsy Kiely BFA ’05 (Photography)
Loud 'n Creative

Kristen Maxfield BM ’05 (Voice)
Maxfield Music
7410 Forest Trail, Apt 418, Victor, NY 14564
Office: 585-469-2979

Geoffrey Nicastro MFA ’05 (Ceramics)
Clay Creation Academy of Ceramics

Salvador Orara BFA ’05 (Graphic Design)
The Rare Studio

Shannah (Naylor) Warwick BFA ’05 (Printmaking)

Hand-dyed and hand-felted accessories and garments

Cameron Zonfrilli BFA ’05 (Film) / John Welsh III BFA ’05 (Film)
Parlay Studios

Angelo Anastasio BFA '06 (Multimedia)
Greenable Green Building and Design Center

Barbara (Zuckerman) Chotiner MFA '06 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
bz designstuff

Sharif Pendleton BFA '06 (Multimedia)
Masters of None

Colleen (McMillian) Roscher BM ’06 (Vocal Performance)
Hyperbola Hoops

Hand-crafted hoola hoops for play, performance and exercise; made-to-order LED hoops for nighttime play and performance

Jayne Surrena BFA ’06 (Painting), MAT ’10 (Visual Arts)
Fake Ice

Ai Yamamoto BFA '06 (Crafts)
Curlyyai’s Home Studio

Dana Davis BFA ’07 (Photography)
Material Poetry

Mara Jill Herman BFA ’07 (Musical Theater)
Freelance Writer/Actor

Cassandra Hoo BFA ’07 (Writing for Film and Television)
Bonded Forever

Laura Jenkins BFA '07 (Modern Dance)
Massage Studio of Philadelphia

Jamielee Kircher BFA ’07 (Photography)
Jacqueline Passaro BFA ’07 (Photography)
Dackel Photography

Sarah McCracken MAT ’07 (Visual Arts)
Mountain Top Art Center LLC

Michele Nichols BFA '07 (Graphic Design)
Only Meesh Handmade Scarves and Cowls

Maggie Schreiter BFA '07 (Crafts)

Stephanie Tomczak BFA ’07 (Crafts)
Stephanie Tomczak Jewelry

TJ Walsh BFA ’07 (Graphic Design)
TJ Walsh Art

Shawn Beeks MFA ’08 (Painting/Drawing)
Slapstik LLC / Slapstik Skateboard Art

Chase Brown BFA '08 (Crafts)
Wrong World Ceramics

Ashley Bunting BFA '08 (Sculpture)
Miss Ashley Kate

Jason Chen BFA ’08 (Animation) & Sara McCorriston BFA’10 (Theater Design and Technology)
Paradigm Gallery

Dan Delaney BFA '08 (Multimedia)
Delaney Barbeque

Beck Linneman Gusler BFA 08 (Industrial Design)
Gusler Design

James Lincke BFA '08 (Illustration)
James Lincke Creations

Ross Munroe BM '08 (Electric Bass), MAT '09 (Music Education)
Independent Rock

Dejha Ti FA '08 (Multimedia)

Kristen Jas Vietty BFA '08 (Printmaking)
Lunaria Gardens

Morgan Jamison BFA ’09 (Jewelry/Metals)
Old Blood Jewelry & Wears

Adrienne Langer BFA '09 (Illustration)
Adrieen Langer Prints + Illustrations + Custom Portraits

Celestina Levant BFA '09 (Sculpture)
Celestina Levant Art and Furniture Restoration

Greg Pizzoli MFA '09 (Book Arts + Printmaking)
Greg Pizzoli Illustration

Casey Sharpe BFA ’09 (Crafts)
Casey Sharpe Jewelry

Etsy Shop

Crystal Shephard BFA '09 (Graphic Design)
Art Jar Studios

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Donna Globus MFA '10 (Book Arts + Printmaking)
Dark Room Press

Amy Li BFA '10 (Photography)
Amy Li Photography

Charnelle Pinkney BFA ’10 (Illustration)
Call Me Chartreuse

Jackie Starker BS ’10 (Industrial Design)
Amelie’s Bark Shop

Gina Delia BFA ’11 (Photography)
Gina Delia Photography/SweetArts

Etsy shop

Cassandra Ducca BS '11 ( Communication)
The Cupkakerie

Erin McGee Ferrell CERT ’11 (Teaching Certification)
Philadelphia/Maine Urban Architectural Artist

April Field BFA '11 (Crafts)
April Field Designs

Max Gordon BFA ’11 (Illustration)
Max Gordon Illustration and Screen Printing

Meg Talley BS '11 (Industrial Design)
Meg Talley Jewelry

Michael Tedeschi BFA ’11 (Graphic Design)
Interactive Mechanics

Mary Anne Broderick CERT '12 (Digital Photography)
Mary Anne Broderick Photography

Treyson Dunlap BFA '12 (Sculpture)
Trey's Trinkets

Geralyn Gray PAR '13
Greetings from Geralyn

Claire Kalala BFA ’13 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)

Monique Peterson BFA ’13 (Metals/Jewelry)


Sydney Carter BFA ’14 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
N_Ovation Valley

Robert Haskell BFA ’14 (Sculpture)

Thomas Kelly BFA '14 (Craft + Material Studies)
Yoke and Chisel

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