Alumni Council

About the Alumni Council
The mission of the Alumni Council is to represent the alumni base of the University of the Arts, evaluate and support Alumni Relations programming and communication efforts, offer input and guidance in outreach to all alumni, provide leadership, and serve as advocates for the University.

Alumni Council members review, evaluate and aid in developing policy and programs that help accomplish the Alumni Relations Program's goals and objectives. They also help identify and communicate the needs of the University's alumni and motivate other alumni to be involved.

Current Members

Doshanna Bell BFA '08 (Theater)

Wesley Bogan BFA '09 (Painting/Drawing)

Fabian Antonio Brown BM '01 (Music Performance)

Meg Clifton BM '01, MM '02 (Music)

Amanda Collett BFA '02 (Acting)

Diane DiGiacomo BM '80 (Piano)

Carrie Galbraith MFA '01 (Book Arts/Printmaking)

Nat Hamilton BFA '07 (Photography)

Michele Kishita BFA '97, MFA '10 (Painting), Chair

Jeremy Lawrence BM '10 (Guitar)

Josh Levitas BFA '00 (Illustration)

Natasha Levitas BFA '00 (Dance Education)

Justin Mitchell BFA '01 (Sculpture)

Michelle Nichols BFA '07 (Graphic Design)

Jean Plough BFA '70 (Painting)

Elliot Rhodeside BS '66 (Industrial Design)

Charlotte Riggs MAT '03 (Visual Arts)

Jason Sobin BM '97 (Guitar)

TJ Walsh BFA '07 (Graphic Design)

Bob Wescott BFA ’53 (Advertising Design)

Davon Williams BFA '09 (Musical Theater)