Undergraduate Liberal Arts Portfolio Requirements

The Liberal Arts Portfolio requirement measures not only the student's creative and expressive facility, but also the level of skill acquired. Specific requirements and process vary by program. Please refer to the relevant section below, and do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions with any questions.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

The Creative Writing program emphasizes the craft of writing; as such, portfolios are a vital component of the application. Applicants who seek direct entry admissions to Creative Writing are required to submit a portfolio of original written work and an essay responding to a specific creative writing prompt. These materials will serve to demonstrate the applicant's writing ability, insight, originality and range, as well as potential.

  • Portfolio: The portfolio should total 10-15 pages and must include at least two different pieces of writing. Writings may include poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction and excerpts from short stories or novels. Applicants submitting poetry must also submit some prose. The portfolio should also include a 150-200 word essay responding to the prompt "Describe an important window."

Your portfolio of written works including your essay should be mailed to the Office of Admissions, 320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 or emailed as a single Word document or PDF to undergradcredentials@uarts.edu.

Bachelor of Arts in Film + Media Studies

The Film + Media Studies program develops a historical understanding and critical appreciation of the cinema and its allied media arts while providing a solid foundation in film-making skills. Accordingly, applicants who seek direct entry admission to Film + Media Studies are required to submit either two academic papers or one academic paper and a sample of creative work.

  • Academic Paper: Essay assignments completed for courses in history or literature are excellent options. Personal essays are not acceptable substitutes for the academic paper.
  • Creative Work: Time-based work, photography, creative writing (fiction, screenplay, short story, personal essay, film or television review), drawing, painting, design, illustration or sculpture are all acceptable media.

Academic writing should be mailed to the Office of Admissions, 320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102, or emailed as a Word document or PDF to undergradcredentials@uarts.edu. Creative work can be submitted on line via SlideRoom. Applicants may upload images (jpg), video (mov, wmv, flv) or pdf documents. For good image quality and fast upload, images should be sized no larger than 1280 X 1280 pixels. Video files must be kept under 20MB. Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instructions for submitting work online.

Portfolio Review Days

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