Undergraduate Financial Aid

The University of the Arts offers a variety of financial aid programs to assist students in meeting their educational goals. Aid may be offered in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, or employment, and is funded through federal, state, institutional, or private organizations.

Grants and scholarships are considered gift aid and need not be repaid. Loans, which must be repaid, are usually offered at a low interest rate and have an extended repayment period. There are student employment positions available both on and off campus for eligible applicants.

Financial need is defined as the difference between the cost of education and the family’s federally calculated contribution to these costs: the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Where need exists, the University assists in meeting costs within the resources available to the institution.

Nearly 80 percent of the University’s undergraduate students enrolled on a full-time basis are eligible for some type of need-based aid. All students are encouraged to apply.

Information on application procedures, types of aid, program requirements, educational costs as determined by the University, and the students’ rights and responsibilities is detailed in this section.

All students are assigned a financial aid counselor upon application to the University.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Services to speak with your counselor for assistance with any specific questions you may have.