Supervisor Information

Hiring Student Employees
All students seeking employment should be asked to fill out an application regardless of their Federal versus Non Federal status.

Post open positions on or contact Elisa Seeherman in the Office of Career Services for assistance.

It is important to conduct a brief interview before hiring a student.

Once you have selected a student to hire they will then complete the required forms. (see below) Students are not permitted to begin working until all of their paperwork is complete and handed in to Debi Leonard in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Important Forms
ALL work study students who are being employed on campus for the first time* must fill out a complete set of the following forms before beginning employment. Please check the following list of required work study forms to make certain a new hire has all documents completed:

*Note: Students who have worked on The University of the Arts Campus before need only fill out a new SEA at the beginning of each new academic year.

Time Cards
Time cards should be completed properly by the student and checked by the supervisor. Please make certain the hours worked reflect the hours on the time card. Students must not work more than 5 hours without an unpaid half an hour break. Time cards must reflect this unpaid break. (sample)

Once the time card has been checked for accuracy and completion, they can then be returned to Debi Leonard in the Office of Student Financial Services no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last Wednesday of each pay period. Students are NOT permitted to hand in timecards. Supervisors should drop them off personally or send them in an inter-office envelope that has been sealed CONFIDENTIAL.

*Note for Off Campus Work Study Supervisors: You may fax time cards to 215-717-6178 but then you must promptly mail the original card to University of the Arts, Office of Student Financial Services, 320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19102, Attn: Debi Leonard