Student Information

Student Job Directory and Employment Handbook
Eligible students are permitted to work up to 17.5 hours weekly when classes are in session. Students are paid at least minimum wage, and hours may be arranged to accommodate the students’ class schedule. The FWS award can be used between July 1 and June 30 each academic year.

Finding A Job
Jobs are available within the University in administrative offices and academic departments. The UArts Campus Job Directory is a listing of all of the jobs that exist on our campus. We recommend that you select several jobs that interest you, fill out an Application and making copies of it. Visit the departments where you would like to seek employment. Positions may also be sought though the Office of Career Services Website. The Student Employment Handbookcontains expanded information about FWS and NFWS, including information on Policies and Procedures.

Once You Find a Position
Please follow the steps below for seeking student employment. Make certain to read the Student Employment Handbook, fill out the required forms, and return them to Debi Leonard in the Office of Student Financial Services.

  1. If you are a first time Work Study Student you will be required to complete a full set of paperwork. If you are a student returning to the program you will only need to fill out the Student Employment Authorization form (SEA). Forms - SEA, W-4, I-9, Confidentiality Statement, Workers Comp. document, Direct Deposit form
  2. Complete all required forms and return to Debi Leonard in the Office of Student Financial Services. You are required to bring two forms of identification with you.
    • A photo ID (State Drivers License or Uarts ID)
    • Proof of citizenship (Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport).
  3. All paperwork must be complete and submitted BEFORE you begin to work

Some of the Basic Rules of the Work Study Program

  1. Seventeen and a half (17.5) hours a week is the maximum that you are permitted to work. If you repeatedly break this rule, you are in danger of losing the remainder of your allocation.
  2. You may not begin working until ALL of your paperwork is processed.
  3. If you will be working more than 5 hours you are required to take a ½ hour unpaid break. This break must be reflected on your timecard.
  4. Hand in time cards to your supervisor on time. Do not submit multiple timecards. Stay current.
  5. ALWAYS use pen to fill out and sign your time card.
  6. Direct any questions regarding your employee rights and responsibilities to Debi Leonard at

Getting Paid

  • Students are paid every two weeks and are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.
  • Students will be paid only when all required paperwork is complete and timecards are submitted on time.
  • Weekly timecards are issued to your employer to be completed and returned to the Office of Student Financial Services by the specified deadline.
  • On payday you can pick up you check in the Office of Student Financial Services beginning at 9:00 AM and are available for pick up until 12 noon on the Wednesday following pay day. Any checks that have not been picked up by then will be mailed to the address printed on the students check. To avoid any inconvenience sign up for direct deposit.