Student Employment

"Creating meaningful work experiences for students on campus is a key element in an overall strategy designed to foster student achievement and success."- Gary Pike, NASPA Journal.

Student Employment at the University of the Arts consists of three programs: Federal Work Study, Non-Federal or Institutional Work Study, and Off-Campus Community Service Work Study. In combination, they provide students with the opportunity to earn a bi-weekly pay check that can assist in providing them with an income to help pay their way and also valuable employment experience that they can take with them when they emerge from their time here at the University.

Federal Work Study (FWS)
FWS is a federally funded program administered by the University of the Arts. Eligibility for this program is based upon the availability of federal funds to the University and the results of a student’s FAFSA application. Remember that the priority deadline for FAFSA is March 1st. (We can not guarantee that you will receive Federal Work Study if you miss this important deadline.)

Non-Federal Work Study (NFWS)
Students who do not qualify to work under the Federal Work Study program are still eligible to work on campus under the NFWS (institutional) program. Students are hired based on experience and availability not, solely on need.

Off-Campus Community Service Program (OCWS)
Additional positions with approved off-campus, non-profit organizations provide students the opportunity to be employed in community service positions and receive payment through the FWS program. For information about these programs, contact Debi Leonard, Student Employment Coordinator, in the Office of Student Financial Services.

For additional information about student employment, please visit our resident advisor, graduate financial aid and financial aid documents pages.