Meet Your Counselor

Admissions Counselors at the University of the Arts are here to help guide you through the application process, and provide information about our school and its programs. Our Admissions Counselors also travel throughout the U.S. and internationally to visit high schools, community colleges, National Portfolio Days and other recruitment events. In the office, Admissions Counselors present daily information sessions for visitors on our campus tours, do preliminary and official portfolio reviews for freshmen applying to our College of Art, Media & Design programs, and process applications for all undergraduate and graduate applicants.

To speak to an Admissions Counselor, call the Office of Admissions at 800-616-ARTS ext. 6049 or 215-717-6049, or e-mail

Kate Arillo

Admissions Counselor

Liz Gensemer

Assistant Director of Admissions

Katy Hoyt

Admissions Counselor

Sam Mera

Admissions Counselor

Stephanie Shade

Admissions Counselor

Michael Smith

Associate Director of Admissions

Stacey Vascavage

Assistant Director for Regional Recruitment