Graduate Financial Aid

The University of the Arts offers a variety of financial aid programs to assist students in meeting their educational goals.  Aid may be offered in the form of grants, scholarships, teaching fellowships, loans, or employment.  These resources may be funded by federal, state, institutional, or private organizations.

Most incoming students will receive some amount of grant support directly from the University.  Funding decisions are based solely on the merits of the application.  Graduate students are considered financially independent and do not qualify for need-based aid from the University nor from the Federal Government. 

Students may choose to participate in the federal loan programs to help fund tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.  More information on these programs can be found at  It is important to note that it is possible to fund the entirety of your educational costs through federal aid programs which carry very flexible income based repayment terms as well as the possibility of loan forgiveness, for those that qualify.  More information on these programs can be found at

However, funding a graduate education is first and foremost the responsibility of the student.  Students interested in a graduate education at the University of the Arts should begin financially planning for making the adjustment to life as a graduate student long before matriculating; managing expenses outside of tuition and fees is a key strategy for keeping your expenses low.  Student should also review their credit reports for accuracy and rectify any issues in advance of attendance to facilitate a seamless transition to life as a graduate student.  

Should you require assistance please feel free to contact our office should you have questions or require assistance.

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