Ask Our Alumni: Nicholas Whittaker

Name: Nicholas Whittaker

Year: BM ’10 (Electric Bass)

Hometown: Miami, FL



Bio: Nicholas Whittaker is an electric bass player who, while attending UArts, studied under Craig Thomas and Howard Thompson, performed in the Jimmy Paxson Salsa Ensemble, Justin Binek's Jazz Singers, Rick Hall's Steely Dan Ensemble, and Marc Dicciani's Rumble Ensemble.  After graduating from UArts, Whittaker moved to South Miami and joined Soundworthy Entertainment Corporation, with which he performs at the Hard Rock Casino and the Seminole Classic Casino in Ft. Lauderdale.  Whittaker also writes, performs, and records his own music under the moniker Tombolo.  In addition he currently teaches guitar and bass lessons around the South Florida area.  He and Keandra Cordero, a fellow UArts alumni, also perform as an acoustic guitar and vocal cover duo, The Cordero-Whittaker Duo, at private events and cocktail hours.