Ask Our Alumni: Anthony Shostak

Name: Anthony Shostak

Year: BFA ‘90 (Painting)

Hometown: Greene, ME



Bio: Anthony Shostak has shown his work internationally, most recently in the traveling exhibition Revoluciones del Mundo originating in Havana, Cuba.  Shostak has served as the Curator of Education at the Bates College Museum of Art since 1994.  He is the project director of the exhibition Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography, one of the first art museum exhibitions examining astrophotography as a genre of the fine arts, and he was the lead curator of the interdisciplinary exhibition exploring sustainability Green Horizons.  Shostak has organized several other exhibitions, including The Body Holographic: Harriet Casdin-Silver; From Where I Stood: Photographs from Ireland, Hawaii, and Lands Between by Rowena J. Otremba; Joseph Nicoletti: A Retrospective; Metamorphoses: A Collaboration with Ovid by Wally Reinhardt; Alex Grey: Numinous Flesh; Pre-Columbian Ritual Ceramics; Contemporary German Prints, and he co-curated other exhibitions, including Our Positive Bodies: Sharing Our Choices and Mapping Our Treatment; and Joel M. Babb: The Process Revealed.  Shostak is the creator of The Thousand Words Project (see, the Bates College Museum’s flagship outreach program serving public school teachers and their students. He performs on uilleann pipes and lives in Greene, Maine.