Amber Parks

Title/Job Description; Perkins Loan Coordinator/Billing. I am responsible for assisting, awarding, and counseling current students with Perkins Loans information. I also handle all billing and collections inquiries for anyone receiving a Perkins Loan who is no longer attending the university.

Relationship to the Arts; I am a great fan of the University of the Arts and cannot wait until my daughter, Mackynzi, is of age to take part in the wonderful Saturday Arts Lab here at the university. She is filled with artistic talents and I cannot wait for her to show them off.

Education/Background; I have 7-8 years worth of experience working with financial aid at different schools between Arizona, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. I’ve studied in the Health Administrative field at Lincoln University in year 2005.

Growing up I was a huge fan of foreign languages and from year 1997 to 2004, I had intensive training in Spanish, where I earned a place in the National Spanish Speaking Awards book for high school students. Following that, in the year 2004, I also received American Sign Language training , which I plan to soon further my education in.

Hobbies/Interests; I have a 2 year old daughter who occupies lots of my time. She is filled with love, energy, talents and smiles. I absolutely couldn’t think of anything better than spending all my time with her. I am constantly looking for activities for her and I to do when I am not at work. I am also a part of MMA modeling agency and take part in fashion shows, music videos, and hair shows.