USciences Student Conduct Policy

*Please review the University of the Sciences Student Handbook to read the USciences Student Conduct Code in its entirety.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act & UArts/USciences Exchange

In 1974, the Congress of the United States enacted the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Public Law 93-380, as amended, setting out requirements designed to protect the privacy of students. Specifically, the statute governs 1) access to records maintained by certain educational institutions and agencies, and 2) the release of such records. In brief, the statute provides that such institutions must provide students access to official records directly related to themselves and an opportunity for a hearing to challenge such records; that institutions must obtain the written consent of the student before releasing personally identifiable data from records to other-than-specified exceptions; and that students must be notified of these rights.

Grades and FERPA
Section 99.34 of the FERPA regulations (34 CFR Part 99) states in 99.34 (b):

  • An educational agency or institution may disclose an education record of a student in attendance to another educational agency or institution if:

    (1) The student is enrolled in or receives services from the other agency or institution; and
    (2) The disclosure meets the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section.