USciences Registration

Procedure for UArts Students to Register for a Course at USciences

The UArts/USciences exchange program is open only to University of the Arts majors with a 3.0 average or better. Students must meet with their primary advisor to discuss their chosen course and how this course will impact their degree completion. Students should be advised on alternate courses if not selected to participate.

Students should contact the Office of the Dean in their college or that of the Director of their program or school.

1. Prior to the first semester of attendance, return completed UArts/USciences Exchange Registration Agreement for Part-Time Non-Matriculated Study to Department Director. Form must be signed by student, by UArts Department Director and USciences Coordinator to indicate student is approved to participate in the program. (USciences does not require that this form be submitted in subsequent semesters if student has attended previously.)

2. UArts Directors to make final selection of participants.
• Notify Office of the Registrar, UArts, by submitting UArts/USciences Exchange Registration Forms.
• Notify students that they have been approved and must register for UArts placeholder course: EX*USP*00. Students register for placeholder course: EX*USP*00 during online registration.

3. UArts students approved to take a course through the Exchange Program must complete USciences Course Registration Request form, listing regular USciences course number, section, title and credits to be taken. Form must be signed by student and by USciences Coordinator to indicate that the course is an approved course under the Exchange Agreement and submitted to the USciences Registrar. The USciences Coordinator keeps pink copy; student keeps yellow copy.

Note: A UArts/USciences Exchange Application for Part-time Non-Matriculated Study form must be on file before a USciences Course Registration Request form can be accepted.   

Registrars' offices at UArts and USciences will complete registration for students. Student will be concurrently registered for the USciences course as a non-matriculated student, and the course will appear on UArts transcript as a USciences Exchange course. Registrar's Office (UArts) confirms student registration via student's UArts email, with cc to Department Director.

Should any issues arise, (i.e. USciences course not available), Registrar's office will notify student via e-mail, with cc to Department Director. Student will receive final instructions, IDs, etc. at orientation.