USciences Exchange Protocols

Act early! The exchange program is limited to a small number of students from each institution. If you are interested in participating in the exchange, please speak with your academic advisor.

Participation in the exchange between the University of the Arts and the University of the Sciences (USciences) is a privilege and you should learn as much as you can about your exchange university. Remember, it may seem trite, but you are an ambassador for your home school and it is your responsibility to make the exchange a successful one.

The "exchange agreement" between the College of Art, Media & Design (CAMD) and the College Performing Arts (CPA) at the University of the Arts (UArts) and the University of the Sciences (USciences) has the following goals:

  • To enrich the curriculums of both institutions by making available courses in subject areas not normally taught by one of the participating schools/programs
  • To promote collaboration among students and faculty members at the two universities, leading to collaborative work and curriculum.

The Following Rules Apply:

  • Students participating in the program can take one course each semester at the away campus and may not take more than a total of 18 credits of course work over six semesters.
  • The home institution will determine the process and criteria for selection and the courses a visiting student may take.   
  • Visiting students pay the tuition of their home institutions to their home institution. No student is to be billed directly by the away institution. Grades are to be sent to the home institution's Registrar and are to be entered on the student transcript in a manner decided by the home institution.
  • A visiting student who receives a grade below 2.0 in any course taken as part of this agreement may not continue taking courses at the away university.
  • Any appeal of grades shall be handled according to the regulations and procedures used by the university at which the student is taking a course.   
  • All participating students will be held to the rules and regulations for student conduct and disciplinary standards used by both their home university and the university at which the student is taking a course. In the case of a violation, the deans of students will consult with each other, and if deemed appropriate, students may be sanctioned by both universities. 
  • Participants will have non-matriculated status at the away university, be provided with a student ID and be entitled to those privileges normally available to non-matriculating students.