University Common Curriculum

The University Common Curriculum (UCC) emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative processes as a central cross-university curriculum for all undergraduate students at the University of the Arts. The UCC consists of two related courses: Creative Practices (1.5 credits) and Collaborative Studio (3 credits), which are both required.

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In collaboration with Liberal Arts and First-Year Writing, Creative Practices introduces first-year students to contemporary arts practitioners and practices across the disciplines. Collaborative Studio, offered as a set of course options taken in the sophomore or junior years, focuses on the collaborative creation of student-directed projects. A revolving and always changing faculty from across the University teach UCC courses and are drawn from all disciplines including visual arts, design, media arts, theater, dance, music and liberal arts.

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The University Common Curriculum supports the ambitions of UArts' Academic Plan, emphasizing interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative processes as central to the University's mission.

Creative Practices:

  • introduces the broad range of contemporary professional activities in all of the disciplines available for study at UArts
  • emphasizes the principles and ideas common to all contemporary art / design / media / performance
  • encourages the exciting and vibrant potentials inherent in the array of course listings offered in Collaborative Studio

Collaborative Studio:

  • engages students in cross-disciplinary and collaborative processes
  • builds links and connections across the disciplines
  • offers students the opportunity to select from a menu of thematic course options offered in various media and formats
  • supports the University of the Arts’ commitment to offering all students varied courses and formats reflecting a diverse range of collaborative processes and intentions
  • offers students the opportunity, with faculty support, to submit their own ideas for proposals for Collaborative Studio courses

Together, Creative Practices and Collaborative Studio reinforce the fundamental link between theory and practice for all artists. This combined set of courses, coupled with the University's diverse student population, fosters interdisciplinary thinking and the pursuit of a shared, lively and ever-expanding university-wide creative knowledge and experience base.