Summer Institute : MBET : Classes

The Program

Students will participate in:

Live Sound Workshop Using state-of the-art equipment at UArts’ Caplan Recital Hall, students have a hands-on opportunity to learn and apply techniques required to mix music in a live performance setting. The science and theory of acoustics and how we hear are also emphasized. Emerge from this course with a fundamental understanding of the technology and techniques used across live event settings, from concert venues to theaters.

Digital Audio/MIDI Workshop Eager to edit, arrange and engineer audio? Learn basic digital audio theory along with fundamental application and strategy using Avid Pro Tools, the industry standard in digital audio production. This class includes hands-on tutorials in arranging and mixing concepts, all taught in a campus computer lab equipped with individual Pro Tools work stations.

Recording Workshop Effective audio recording lies at the heart of the music industry. Discover the approaches, equipment and principles used in audio recording, including an understanding of signal flow, studio operation workflow and standards, and various microphone types.

Web Radio Workshop Interested in producing, deejaying or managing your own online radio broadcast or an existing web station? This course examines operations within The University of the Arts’ Web radio station, WRTZ, with emphases on delivery options, programming and content management.

Intro to Music Business Understanding the industry’s many sectors and how they interact is the first step to a successful music business career. In this course, students explore music performance, recording, promoting and distribution, examining the revenue models, organizational structures and business principles of each.

Digital Media/Marketing Digital media’s rise over the past two decades has turned media production and consumption on their heads, resulting in new industry standards and operations. This course investigates the range of organizations and economic forces involved in digital media production, and their related business practices and policies.


Note: Evening and Weekend activities are part of this program’s curriculum. Commuter students are expected to participate in all non-optional activities including evening sessions and Saturday trips.