Summer Institute : Dance : Courses

The Pre-College Dance program enables each dancer to experience multiple styles and approaches over the two weeks. With intensive coursework in modern, ballet and jazz technique, composition, improvisation and repertory, you will still have the opportunity to choose elective workshops almost every day.

The courses listed below are part of an intense and rigorous curriculum. With five classes a day it's important that students have a clear focus on expanding their skills within a range of dance genres. 

Course information below is for the 2014 program. Information for the 2015 program coming soon.

A core portion of the Dance program, and of most college programs, is modern technique. Instructors will work on musicality, spatial awareness, anatomical structure, alignment, creative choices and performance presence. 

Study the fundamentals of classical ballet technique with emphasis on skills, including balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, musicality and artistry. This course will build in complexity, while focusing on versatility.

With roots in social dance and influence from African American tradition, jazz is used in the entertainment industry. Students will work on developing strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination at an advanced pace. 

This course engages students with points of entry into the creative process and features strategies ranging from the use of text and imagery to using partnering. You will be asked to create both individual  and group assignments that challenge their notions of what dance is and how it is created.

You will have the opportunity to participate in up to two repertory projects, which will be presented in the final performance. Existing pieces will be workshopped along with new pieces created collaboratively with peers. You will be placed in repertory projects based on an audition and personal interest.

You have the option to choose elective workshops almost everyday of the program. This student-driven schedule sets UArts apart from other summer intensives. Possible options may include digital media + dance, hip-hop, pointe, tap, contemporary African technique, flamenco, costuming, pilates and yoga.

During this time, you have access to the studios to explore ideas from composition, class exercises and other coursework. If interested in presenting choreography you have the opportunity to share your work at the end of the program.

On the final Saturday of the program, the three weeks culminate in a performance for friends and family to celebrate your talents and achievements. The performance will include demonstrations of in-class work, repertory showings and the opportunity for you to present your own choreography. This takes place in the same theaters where undergraduates work and is an exciting way for you and your family to see what an undergraduate dance concert can be like.