Summer Institute : Creative Writing : Courses

Course information below is for the 2014 program. Information for the 2015 program coming soon.


Creative Non-Fiction
You will begin writing from personal experince not only experimenting with a range of forms and styles and learning to write effectively and imaginatively about the self and the world around you but generating material which you will revise and transform during the following weeks.

What elements turn the personal account, an anecdote or an observation into fiction? This course will introduce you to the elements of the short story – including character, setting, dialogue, point of view – and help you understand the difference between style-your writing voice—and the voices of the characters you create.

This writing workshop introduces all the fundamentals of screen and play writing using the foundations from the two previous classes and exploring how to transform setting into scene, how employ point of view to create dramatic conflict and to write when dialogue.

Using diverse poems and poets as models as well as some of the material which you generated in previous weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of poetry – line and meter, pacing and rhythm, image and metaphor – and practice writing, revising and reading out loud.

Words + Pictures
This course explores the sequential format, utilizing a variety of media, the writing in this class might be used in comics and graphic novels as well as other genres such as animation, video games, etc. There is a component of this course that allows Creative Writing  students to collaborate with Illustration students within the Summer Institute.

Intro to Publishing + Editing
This course will introduce students to the fundamental elements of literary editing and publishing, including manuscript preparation, submission review, and publication design. Students will gain familiarity with book arts, editorial strategies, and Philadelphia's distinct literary landscape while exploring the connections between writing and editing. The course will culminate with the production of an original student publication.

Students will collect, edit and design their works into a zine, also known as chapbook or ashcan. These publications might also include artwork submitted by Illustration and Photography students in the Summer Institute. The course is entirely student-driven, meaning enterprise, you will determine the workload, the division of work, creative content and the overall look of the finished work.

Collaborative Space
Collaborative space will provide you with the opportunity to test your script or play and revise accordingly. You will collaborate with film and acting students and get a sense of the demands involved in production.


BI-WEEKLY ELECTIVES (choose one of the following):

Ceramics Studio
Explore different types of clay and building techniques by making functional and/or sculptural ceramic works. Tile making, coil building, clay slab construction and throwing may be covered. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials including porcelain, dark stoneware, slips, under glazes and glazes.

Designing with Digital Tools
This course provides an introduction to the integration of basic design principles, processes and applications using Photoshop and Illustrator. Using these tools students will learn to understand, explore and create meaningful solutions to design problems. Through a series of exercises and projects, students experience how design can inform, facilitate, inspire, persuade, engage, and provoke.

If you have not had formal training in drawing, this is the place to start. Drawing is a fundamental foundation for all fine arts, crafts, media and design areas. Course objectives include honing observation skills while working mostly from still life, models and/or landscapes. You will work with media such as pencil, charcoal and ink. Basic skills such as perspective, composition, light and shadow, and tonal variations are explored.

Experimental Photo
Open to both experienced photographers and beginners, this course introduces you to experimental photo processes and nontraditional ways to consider the photographic image. Using a variety of films and cameras while pushing the boundaries of how one views the world, you will explore processes such as pinhole cameras and cyanotypes. You must have a 35mm automatic and/or manual camera.

Music Illustration
Combine your passion for music and illustration in this elective where you will create gig posters, album art, and logos for performers You will learn traditional and digital illustration techniques to complete professional pieces your portfolio.

Photo Narratives: Words + Photographs
In this cross-disciplinary course, students will join together word and image to investigate how the pairing can enhance storytelling and deepen our understanding of the language of photographs. Through writing prompts and shooting assignments, students will create their own personal narratives while gaining skills in creative writing and darkroom photography and developing a vocabulary to describe the visual experiences in their lives. Open to all levels of experience.

Sketchbook + Zine
As the birth place of artistic ideas, the sketchbook is where artists begin to develop a unique point of view to illustrate personal ideas, experiment, take visual notes and hone skills. In this class students will gain understanding of, exposure to and experience with a variety of media, techniques, and approaches to keeping a sketchbook/journal in the spirit of experimentation. This experimentation will be the foundation of the collaborative class zine where students will collect, edit and design their works into a finished work.

Street Art: Screen Printing
With South Broad Street, the Avenue of the Arts, as your canvas, delve into the world of screenprinting as street art.  Study the craft of silk screen printmaking by mastering the photo-emulsion process and building an edition of prints.  You will then display your prints around the city of Philadelphia on UArts' campus with methods such as wheatpasting.  Meet local, Philadelphia street artists and be inspired by your urban surroundings.