Saturday School : About

What is the Pre-College Saturday School?
The Pre-College Saturday School at the University of the Arts offers college-level courses designed specifically for high school students in grades 9 through 12. Courses are offered in crafts, design, fine arts, media, performing arts and writing. The goal of the Pre-College Saturday School is to foster investigation and exploration into the principles of creativity while focusing on the personal development of the individual student. The Saturday School was founded in 1900 by Miss Isabella Bradley, a graduate of the class of 1900 of the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art (a precursor to the University of the Arts). The Pre-College Saturday School is committed to providing students with an enriching experience, whether developing a portfolio, writing sample, short video or multimedia piece for college admission, or exploring interests in an arts discipline.

Why should I attend the Pre-College Saturday School?
The Pre-College Saturday School at the University of the Arts has been providing quality arts education to Philadelphia-area students for more than 100 years. All work created in the Pre-College Saturday School is suitable for your portfolio. Whether you intend to study the arts in college or are exploring a new technology or artistic medium, you will have the opportunity to discover where the arts may lie in your future.

Why the University of the Arts?
UArts is truly unique. We are the only university in the nation focusing exclusively on a broad range of visual, performing and communication arts. Our urban campus is a diverse and creative place where ideas are generated and creativity is nurtured. The University of the Arts is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia on the Avenue of the Arts (South Broad Street). It is easily accessible by public transportation from New Jersey and suburban Pennsylvania via the Regional Rail lines of SEPTA and the PATCO high-speed line from southern New Jersey

What are classes like?
Class sizes are small in the Pre-College Saturday School, ranging from 10 to 18 students. Our classes are held in state-of-the-art facilities where students use professional tools and equipment and have the opportunity to learn the visual and verbal vocabularies of their chosen medium through lectures, assignments and critiques.

Who are the faculty?
The faculty of the Pre-College Saturday School are talented teaching artists and dedicated educators. Instructors exhibit, publish or perform their work on an ongoing basis locally and regionally. Many of our instructors are alumni of the University of the Arts and/or teach at the undergraduate level, and most have received master's degrees, the highest degree awarded in the fine arts.