Saturday Arts Lab : Class Information + Registration

Course information below is for the 2013-14 program. Check back in August for information regarding the 2014 -15 program.



Animation - Drawings that Move (grades 6-8)
SLS 015 01
Beginning with the fundamentals of drawing, students will learn about story and sequence to create hand-drawn animations that move. Working with an instructor, students will learn simple animation techniques that incorporate creativity, imagination and an array of materials.



Imagination Discovery (grades K-2)
SLS 001 01
The most important aspects of this class are exploration, discovery and individual creativity. No matter what level of skill or experience, children are given the time, encouragement and help they need with each step of the creative process. Hands-on projects inspire and develop each student’s unique imagination while allowing independent thinking and decision making.



Ceramics (grades 5-8)
Spring semester only
SLS 012 01
Students explore different types of clay and building techniques by making functional and/or sculptural ceramic works. Projects may include tile making, coil building, clay slab construction and wheel throwing techniques.



Characters + Cartoons (grades 6-8)
SLS 007 01
This course focuses on the development of storytelling in cartoons and comics as well as introduces students to the basic techniques and skills of drawing people in their environment. Students experiment with various materials and explore the use of color within a cartoon and comic book. Students also have the opportunity to create their own 3-D characters using Munny Dolls.



Digital Art (grades 3-5)
SLS 013 01
This class introduces students to the basics of using computer technology to make imaginative and meaningful artwork. Class projects focus on the use of Adobe programs such as Photoshop.



Digital Art - Advanced (grades 6-8)
SLS 009 01
Middle school students explore computer design by learning the best ways to make art using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign while exploring layout, design and digital imagery.



Digital Photography (grades 6-8)
Fall semester only
SLS 011 01
In this class, students learn about composition, exposure and lighting to create inventive digital photographs. Topics include shooting, camera functions and image storage. Cameras will be provided for use during class time.

Creative Exploration (grades 2-3)
SLS 002 01
This studio experience focuses on fundamental art concepts and skills in drawing, design, painting, collage and construction. Young imaginations find unique opportunities for experimentation and creative expression in exciting, two-and three-dimensional projects.



Portfolio Development - Painting and Printmaking (grades 6-8)
SLS 008 01
This course covers both basic relief printing and acrylic painting methods while students work with a variety of subject matter, ranging from still life to figure, landscape, cityscape and abstraction. Students have the opportunity to develop portfolio pieces necessary for high school entry.



Visual Expression (grades 4-5)
SLS 004 01
This course focuses on studio experiences that stimulate and develop young artists’ creative imagination, expression and skills. The fall semester emphasizes art forms such as drawing, painting, collage and collaborative projects. Spring semester students explore processes and materials including drawing and traditional mosaics.