UArts Regional Philadelphia High School All-Star Jazz Band

The University of the Arts offers students of high-school age the opportunity to audition for and play in a big band comprising select outstanding musicians from across the Delaware Valley. The band is directed by faculty musicians and rehearsed on the UArts campus. For more information, contact band director Randy Kapralick or visit our Facebook page.

Applicant Instructions

  1. Submit an application >>
  2. Complete the Audition Requirements for your instrument (listed below).
  3. Email link to clips (preferred) or mail DVD and application to:

Randy Kapralick
University of the Arts
School of Music
320 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia PA, 19102

NOTE: If sending a DVD, please test it on multiple players. Also, make sure each song is a separate chapter OR indicate start times for each selection on the case. Keep a master copy for yourself and retain the tracking number.

ALL APPLICANTS: Announce your name, grade, phone number, school, city and state at the beginning of the recording.

ALL INSTRUMENTS (except Drums)

  1. Prepared Selection: Medium tempo with standard or alternate chord changes. Accompaniment may be live or recorded. (3-4 choruses of improvisation required). *Bass players also walk for two choruses. Pick one of the following songs:
    • Billie’s Bounce – Charlie Parker
    • Straight, No Chaser – Thelonius Monk
    • Sandu – Clifford Brown 
  2. Self Selections: Play two standards of contrasting styles, swing, Latin, ballad, or other styles. As an option, you are encouraged to include at least three choruses of improvisation but it is NOT required. These selections are your choice. Composers to consider are Cole Porter, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, etc.
  3. Transcription: Perform a transcription of a jazz solo that demonstrates your technical proficiency and style. Please choose a solo by someone on your specific instrument and send a copy of the transcription with your submission. (You don’t have to transcribe it yourself. You can use a published transcription or any appropriate transcription).

Lead Trumpet, Lead Trombone, Bass Trombone, Baritone Saxophone: In addition to the above requirements, play an ensemble excerpt that demonstrates your proficiency (style, technique, range – high for trumpet and trombone; low for bass trombone and bari).

Piano, Guitar, Bass (upright and electric): In addition to the above requirements…

  1. Comping (Guitar and Piano): Demonstrate one chorus of comping on at least two of your selections.
  2. Funk/R&B (All): Play 1 to 2 minutes of time in that style on a traditional Funk or R&B tune. Composers/artists to consider are Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, Average White Band, Brecker Brothers, Weather Report, etc. *Bassists use electric bass if you can.

Drum Set:

  1. Play the following Billie’s Bounce blues choruses: 4 choruses of time, 2 choruses of trading 4’s, 2 choruses of solo, repeat 2 choruses of time. Accompaniment may be live (strongly preferred) or recorded. Medium tempo.
  2. Demonstrate time in: Latin, ballad and brushes. Play on song forms 1-2 minutes each style. *Optional: Include 1 chorus improvisation for each style.
  3. If possible, include a 2-5 minute video segment playing time with a big band (not soloing).