MM in Jazz Studies

Open to a small and highly advanced group of students who have an undergraduate degree in jazz studies or an undergraduate degree in music with significant experience in jazz and contemporary music, or the equivalent thereof, the program — while providing a solid foundation in contemporary music — encourages a primary focus on individual career goals.

Deep roots in three decades of jazz education and a unique curriculum
The Master of Music in Jazz Studies degree program carefully balances aesthetic goals and a pragmatic approach to vocational responsibility in the context of this American music idiom.

The curriculum includes advanced private instruction in the major area to develop professional-level artistry and skills; hands-on internships; ensemble performances; arranging, composing, transcribing and analyzing jazz and contemporary music; study of MIDI and music technology; music journalism; jazz pedagogy; and a final thesis / project / recital that integrates in-depth research on a topic of special relevance with personal musical growth, culminating in a public performance.

For more information contact Don Glanden, Head of Graduate Jazz Studies, at