Woodwind Faculty

Students: The University of the Arts' Saxophone/Woodwind department strives to prepare its students for a successful career as a performer, educator and artist. Each student will develop a strong command of the instrument as well as an understanding and appreciation for many styles of music. The education each student receives will not only enable him or her to be successful in their field of choice but will also prove them a valuable asset to their community at large.

Playing Opportunities: The School of Music offers more than 50 different large and small music ensembles. These include two big bands, a 10-piece studio ensemble, 15 small jazz groups performing traditional and contemporary jazz (from Miles Davis and Charles Mingus to the Yellowjackets and the Brecker Brothers), a Rock Ensemble, Country Music Ensemble, Guitar and Vocal Duo Ensemble, Wes Montgomery Ensemble, Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, World Music Ensemble, a Musical Theater Ensemble, Inter-disciplinary Ensemble, Chorus, Jazz Singers and Chamber Singers. Along with theses ensembles are also saxophone and mixed woodwind quartets/quintets.

Location: The University of the Arts is located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia on the “Avenue of the Arts,” next door to both the Academy of Music and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. There are 19 professional concert halls, jazz clubs, music clubs and theaters all within four blocks of school that present more than 80 professional concerts, recitals and music performances each week.

Equipment: The Saxophone/Woodwind department has specialty instruments (Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet) available on a sign-out policy. There are also recording facilities to produce your own material.

Teaching Materials: Each Saxophone/Woodwind major will study from several jazz and classical etude books. They will also receive jury requirements for each year and will receive pages upon pages of personal hand written guidance from their major teacher.

Program/Curriculum: Students take weekly one-hour private lessons with a faculty member. Students are encouraged to pursue any musical interests they may have while maintaining a high level of focus in the curriculum.