Trombone Department Chair

  • Randy Kapralick

Trombone Department Faculty

The Trombone faculty at University of the Arts encourage trombonists to be versatile, well-rounded musicians who possess the technical, creative and conceptual skills needed to function successfully in today's music scene. The faculty instills a deep understanding of the technique of playing the trombone so students learn how to diagnose weaknesses and adjust their daily practice routines in order to consistently improve their craft. With the help of their teachers, students develop advanced reading and improvisational skills to complement their studies in theory and harmony to enable them to be able to adapt to many different musical situations. In addition to being capable freelance musicians, our graduates have a highly developed personal style and are effective communicators and artists.

Playing Opportunities: The School of Music offers more than 50 different large and small music ensembles incorporating many styles. These include Jazz Trombone Ensemble, Classical Trombone Ensemble, two big bands, a 10-piece fusion ensemble, more than 15 small jazz groups performing traditional and contemporary jazz (from Miles Davis and Charles Mingus to the Yellowjackets and the Brecker Brothers), a Rock Ensemble, Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, World Music Ensemble, a Musical Theater Ensemble, Inter-disciplinary Ensemble, Chorus, Jazz Singers and Chamber Singers. There are also many possibilities for our performance majors to write, present and rehearse their own arrangements and compositions to any of these ensembles.

Location: The University of the Arts is located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia on the “Avenue of the Arts,” next door to both the Academy of Music and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. There are 19 professional concert halls, jazz clubs, music clubs and theaters all within four blocks of school that present more than 80 professional concerts, recitals and music performances each week.

Teaching Materials: At the beginning of every school year, each Trombone major receives study materials that have been created by our faculty. These cover all requirements for each year of study.

Program/Curriculum: Students take weekly one-hour private lessons with Trombone faculty. Students are encouraged to pursue any musical interests they may have while maintaining a high level of focus in the curriculum. Our Trombone faculty is well versed in a variety of styles and encourages students to explore a wide range of creative possibilities.

Guest Artists/Clinicians: The following is a partial list of the trombonists that have given clinics and performances at UArts: Robin Eubanks, Tom Garling, John Fedchock, Nitzan Haroz, Max Seigel, Matt Niess, Bill Watrous and Jim Pugh.