Film & Media Studies

Do you have a passion for film? If you love to watch films, read about films, discuss films and critique films, and you have an interest in the arts as well as history and research, the brand new BA in Film & Media Studies at the University of the Arts is the program for you.

Here at UArts, you'll get the best of both worlds – an education that combines film production with film study and analysis – in a setting where art really matters. A BA in Film & Media Studies will prepare you for a range of career opportunities, from cinematography, art direction and production to screenwriting, promotion and film criticism.

As a student in the program, you'll get hands-on studio experience starting in your freshman year, with loads of opportunities for collaborations with other UArts students in the Creative Writing and Film programs, the College of Performing Arts and more. You'll learn what it's like to work with actors and to set a mood. Your senior-year project may focus on research into a particular film genre, director or acting style. Or perhaps it will involve creating an original screenplay and working with other UArts students to produce a short film that honors a specific film style. We'll help to enable your talent; the rest is up to you.