Film + Media Studies

Do you have a passion for film? Can’t get enough of today’s “golden age” of television? If you love to watch, read, discuss and critique screen art in all its wonderful variety, the BA in Film + Media Studies at the University of the Arts is the program for you.

Here at UArts, you’ll get the best of both worlds—intensive study of the history and aesthetics of film and its related arts and technical training in film production—in a setting where art really matters. A BA in Film + Media Studies will prepare you for a range of career opportunities, from film promotion and criticism to screenwriting, production and cinematography.

As a student in the program, your developing analytical and critical skills will be enriched by hands-on studio training starting in your first year, with loads of opportunities for collaboration with other UArts students: not only other filmmakers but also creative writers, dancers, musicians, photographers, sculptors, painters . . . a true community of artists. You’ll not only learn what it’s like to work with actors and to set a mood; you’ll understand how film acting styles have evolved over the years and adapted to suit changing technologies. For your senior-year project, you may choose to focus your research on a particular film genre, director or national style: the choice is yours. We’ll help to enable your talent; the rest is up to you.