Liberal Arts Core

A strong foundation in the liberal arts is the cornerstone of a University of the Arts education. All undergraduates are required to take a minimum of 42 credits (14 classes) in Liberal Arts courses. These classes raise students' awareness of international, cultural, religious and political issues; develop critical thinking and clear communication; and foster a deep understanding of the history of the creative arts.

Crucial skills in interpretation and analysis are honed in the two-semester First Year Writing sequence. Discipline History classes foster understanding and awareness of issues specific to the development of a student’s chosen artistic métier. Scientific Inquiry Foundation Track (SIFT) courses instill an appreciation of scientific principles both for their own sake and for their applications in the arts. And our innovative, interdisciplinary Humanities Seminars and Period Interpretation courses nurture the kind of culturally alert, historically aware creative thinking that goes into good art-making – and good citizenship.

Students also choose from a range of electives in the sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The Liberal Arts program at the University of the Arts prepares students to create meaningful, original work that is both formally innovative and socially engaged.