Internships & Experiential Learning

Internship at CBS

The University of the Arts offers internships and other experiential learning opportunities that enable students to apply and expand upon what they have learned in the classroom in a real-world setting, while making valuable connections in the professional world.

Notable companies and organizations where UArts students have interned include MTV Networks, Conde Nast, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Cartoon Network, Broadway Dance Center, the National Gallery of Art and CNBC. In addition, many internships take place within the studios of practicing artists, as well as in art galleries and museums, design firms, dance and theater companies, arts non-profits, and various local, regional and national companies in the creative industries.

Beyond internships, other experiential education opportunities include student teaching assignments for Art and Music Education graduate students, the NEUARTS: Neighborhood Engagement at the University of the Arts initiative that incorporates community engagement into selected courses, the UArts Summer Fellows Program which matches current students with alumni in their area of interest, and Community Service Programs that provide an outlet for serving in the local community.

The value of these out-of-classroom experiences is beyond measure. Such opportunities promote students’ professional development, enhance their resumes, and ultimately enable them to be well prepared to launch their careers upon graduation.

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