Photo + Film Media

Photo & Film Media

In both photography and film, the lens is crucial: it gathers light and affects depth, image size, angles, distance and perspective. The lens is the focus of the many technical and aesthetic decisions you will make to tell your stories and express your individual artistic vision. As we shift toward a media environment that is increasingly digital, filmmakers and photographers move more freely between the two mediums, challenging traditional boundaries and expanding what is possible both technically and creatively.

The Photo + Film Media program at UArts will allow you to explore the possibilities of both disciplines at the same time, to consider the complex relationship between still images and moving pictures, and to acquire an understanding of the larger cultural, historical and aesthetic contexts of each field and how they interrelate. You will learn both photography and film techniques and create a capstone project of your choosing that integrates the two fields in innovative ways.

Working closely with award-winning professional photographers and filmmakers – and in collaboration with your peers – Photo + Film Media classes are a mixture of hands-on instruction, lectures, screenings and critiques. You can take advantage of study abroad and internship opportunities, as well as elective credits that will allow you to explore your chosen fields more deeply or to sample the wide range of visual and performing arts offerings throughout the University.

Armed with knowledge and skills in both areas, graduates of the Photo + Film Media program will be poised not only to pursue professional careers in film and photography, but also to break new ground, creating inventive and exciting hybrid works yet to be imagined.