Division of Liberal Arts

The Division of Liberal Arts develops students' powers of critical thinking and their understanding of the history and criticism of the creative arts, while introducing them to philosophic and scientific modes of thought and to the study of human cultures and societies. The goal of the Liberal Arts curriculum is to foster intellectual responsibility and creativity by sharpening students’ understanding of the world and their place within it as artists.

The Liberal Arts Division provides intellectual community and a sense of shared purpose at the University of the Arts. In their Liberal Arts courses, students from the College of Art, Media & Design and the College of Performing Arts meet and work together to master common intellectual challenges. Liberal Arts courses also offer unique opportunities for artistic and academic exchanges.

In addition, the Division of Liberal Arts is home to two degree programs of its own: the BFA in Creative Writing and the BFA in Writing for Film + Television. Majors in the Creative Writing program enjoy the mentoring guidance of a dedicated faculty of accomplished poets, novelists and screenwriters.

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Liberal Arts Core

A strong foundation in the Liberal Arts is the cornerstone of a University of the Arts education.

Exquisite Corpse Assignment

University Common Curriculum

Cross-university curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative processes.

Underground Pool reading

Creative Writing

Provides an unmatched opportunity to focus on the craft of writing in an inspiring and unique artistic environment.

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Writing for Film + Television

Fulfill your passion for visual storytelling, story structure and character development.

Student writing


Minors include Creative Writing, History of Visual Arts, Philosophy & Religion, and Screenwriting.

Dancers in Paris

Academic Opportunities

Opportunities to enhance your academic experience both inside and outside the classroom and beyond.