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UArts' Web Development + Interaction Design program is a strong mix of theory and doing. Our students receive extensive entrepreneurial training, taking a full professional-practice sequence starting in the sophomore year. Do you want to work in a variety of media? Develop your own software? The Web Development + Interaction Design program lets you do that, and a whole lot more. Our program offers just the right mix of structure and independence, with a hands-on approach that lets you take advantage of the University’s creative intelligence. In fact, the majority of our students are doing paid, contract work starting in their sophomore years.

Our Web Development + Interaction Design program exposes you to the best practices in web design, dynamic web and mobile phone application development, information architecture, interface design, service design, and experience design. You’ll have opportunities to collaborate and explore while learning the programming techniques you’ll need to succeed. You can take courses in game play and game design, creating citywide real-world games. Students in innovation and entrepreneurship classes develop and submit business plans to UArts' Corzo Center for the Creative Economy as part of its grant-funding program.

Your creative practice will be informed by the world around you – students in other programs, faculty who are leading professionals in their field and the vibrant, tech-rich city of Philadelphia. With a degree in Web Development & Interaction Design, you get to choose where you’ll go next. Our graduates find rewarding careers in everything from tiny start-ups and non-profits to multi-national corporations, or they catch the entrepreneurial bug and start their own exciting ventures.

Putra Roeung '12 (WDID)

After UArts

Learn more about our Web Development & Interaction Design alumni who have found success after graduating from UArts.

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Featured Student Work

Senior thesis work by Putra Roeung '12 (Web Development & Interaction Design) is featured in the Studio Spotlight (see link above). Other work by students, faculty and alumni in the program can be found at the bottom of this page.