Multimedia recognizes the convergence of media. Using the building blocks of image, sound, text and interactivity, Multimedia majors hone their creativity and skills to integrate art, design and technology, developing websites, dynamic web and mobile phone applications, virtual and physical computing environments, motion graphics, and even businesses. The program will prepare you for the changing landscape of technology, while ensuring you have a strong foundation in both art and design.

What makes us different:
A modular and flexible curriculum that allows you to explore the University

The BFA in Multimedia champions collaboration, creativity, exploration, research and analysis, risk-taking, and experimentation. The modular curriculum balances practice and theory, thinking and making. Students focus on their own creativity and imagination, while using technology as a tool rather than an end goal.

The flexibility of the Multimedia program allows students to tailor their education toward their interests and career goals, while being allowed to take major courses in other departments across campus. Because the program has 24 credits of electives and 9 credits of studio choices, students are able to expand their horizons, suit their needs and satisfy their curiosity. During their time here as undergraduates, many Multimedia students complete multiple internships and work on various freelance projects.

Where do UArts Multimedia alumni work?
Many Multimedia alumni pave their own paths as entrepreneurs or freelancers, while others have a wide variety of careers in advertising, web design, dynamic web and mobile phone application development, motion graphics, interface design, interactive design, game design, and social media. Our alumni businesses include Brothers by Choice, an advertising agency in San Francisco; P’unk Avenue, a web design firm in Philadelphia; Livid Instruments, a company that produces instruments and software for live performance;, which webcasts live events; Greenable, an eco-friendly building supplies and design store; and VendrTV, a video podcast series of curbside cuisine that has been featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

Our graduates also work for such nationally renowned firms and institutions as Frog Design, Urban Outfitters, Big Spaceship, QVC and the U.S. Department of State. They also work at prominent Philadelphia companies, including, but not limited to, Penn Medicine, Design Science and I-Site. Our alumni have also freelanced for clients such as K2 Snowboards, New York Times Magazine and Rockstar Games.