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Inside CAMD

Inside CAMD

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Since its founding almost 140 years ago as one of the first colleges of its kind, the University of the Arts has been a national leader in developing young artists and designers. Our College of Art, Media & Design (CAMD) equips students to pursue their artistic passions and prepares them to connect and collaborate with others who are just as passionate, talented and creative, from almost every conceivable art, design and performing arts discipline.

Taught by accomplished and experienced faculty members – award-winning artists and leaders in their fields who are dedicated mentors to their students – CAMD students and alumni take risks to make bold statements and invent innovative solutions to tough problems. Our graduates not only succeed as artists, but become engaged, intelligent, creative leaders who change the world around them in a myriad of ways.

Painting studio

School of Art

Programs include Craft & Material Studies, Fine Arts, Photo + Film Media and Photography.

Graphic Design class

School of Design

Programs in the School of Design include Graphic Design and Industrial Design.

School of Film camera

School of Film

Programs include Animation, Film + Animation, Film + Video, Film Design + Production, and Photo + Film Media.

Illustration studio

CAMD College-Wide Programs

Programs include the new BFA in Game Art, Illustration and Photo + Film Media.

Students in the classroom

CAMD Core Studies

Students in the College of Art, Media & Design meet in Core Studies studio courses to create, explore and experiment.

Exquisite Corpse Assignment

University Common Curriculum

Cross-university curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative processes.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master's degrees in Art Education, Museum Studies, Visual Arts, Music or Industrial Design.


Choose from Game Design, Typography, Web + Mobile Design, Photography, Book Arts, Figurative Illustration and others.

Art Therapy Concentration

This concentration offers CAMD students a chance to explore another career option.

Dancers in Paris

Academic Opportunities

Opportunities to enhance your academic experience both inside and outside the classroom and beyond.

Mark Campbell CAMD Dean 2014

Dean's Message

CAMD allows you to pursue a meaningful and productive life in the creative disciplines in a city with a great cultural heritage.