Academic Opportunities

Students at the University of the Arts can choose from a number of opportunities to enhance their academic experience both inside and outside the classroom and beyond. These unique academic opportunities provide students with some of the most fun, rewarding and life-altering experiences they have during their time at UArts.

Opportunities include study abroad, which provides extensive, in-depth global experiences in a student's field of study with affiliated and partner universities around the world; the University Honors Program, which provides academically exceptional and creatively gifted students with a rigorous and enriching intellectual and artistic experience; an exchange program with the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, which expands opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge in business, science, foreign language and more; and a partnership with Peirce College that will better prepare students for the current job market.

Internships and other experiential learning opportunities enable students to apply and expand upon what they have learned in the classroom in a real-world setting, while making valuable connections in the professional world.

UArts also offers five-year undergraduate/graduate degree programs so that students can earn two degrees in less time than it would take to earn them separately.

Study Abroad

UArts encourages students in the exploration of the borderless and timeless language of the arts.

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Honors Program

Academically exceptional and creatively gifted students are offered a rigorous and enriching intellectual and artistic experience.

Internship at CBS

Internships & Experiential Learning

Students can apply and expand upon what they have learned in the classroom.

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NEUARTS: Neighborhood Engagement at UArts

A new initiative utilizing course time for community engagement.

Exchange Program with USciences

Students from both universities are invited to explore the art and science that make up life.

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Partnership with Peirce College

This strategic educational partnership adds greater depth to each school's educational offerings.

Corzo Center for the Creative Economy

Providing artists, performers and media makers the tools to control their economic lives.

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5-Year BM/MAT in Music Education

This "4 +1" option allows students to earn a bachelor's degree, master's degree and teacher certification in only five years.

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5-Year BFA + MAT in Visual Arts Education

Use this program as a key step toward certification as a K-12 art or design teacher, in five years rather than six.