Events Space Scheduling

Office Location
1228 Spruce Street on the mezzanine level

Office Hours
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Kathy Dooner

Facilities Management schedules large spaces throughout the University for University events as well as events sponsored by outside organizations. Please utilize the Facilities Scheduling Direct system (FS Direct) in School Dude to start the process for scheduling a space for your event.

FS Direct Space Scheduling/Room Reservation Instructions >>

Spaces Reserved
Hamilton Hall
Solmssen Court and CBS Auditorium

Terra Hall
Connelly Lecture Hall (Room 806) and 9th Floor Board Room (Room 905)

Gershman Hall
We reserve the Chapel on the first floor, but must ask the Gershman Y organization for schedule times.

Performance Spaces
Space managed by the College of Performing Arts is scheduled through the CPA Dean’s office, including Arts Bank, Arts Bank Cabaret, Arts Bank Rehearsal Room, Caplan Recital Hall, Caplan Studio Theater, Drake Theater, Gershman Hall Levitt Auditorium, Gershman Hall Gym, Gershman Hall Black Box and Merriam Theater

Classrooms may be scheduled through the Facilities department, but availability is based upon class schedules.

  • Classrooms for University-sanctioned classes are booked through the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar has first availability of all classrooms.
  • Facilities cannot confirm a request for space that is used for classes beyond the current semester until the following semester’s class schedule is established.

Suggestions & Useful Information
Services provided by Facilities Management
Facilities Management offers a wide range of services in support of special events. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Room scheduling
  • Set-up and removal of seating and tables
  • Pre- and post-event area cleaning
  • Temporary utility hook ups
  • Security services

Services NOT provided by Facilities Management

  • Food service and linens (Contact Food Services at 215-717-6664)
  • Audio/visual equipment (Contact the OTIS Help Desk at 215-717-6677)

Submitting a Special Events Work Request
Customers must submit requests for space set ups and any other services at School

We encourage you to use our online request system. In order to do so, individuals must first set up an account or call Facilities Operations at 215-717-6830.

Requests not requiring a cost estimate must be submitted at least five (5) working days in advance of the event. Requests requiring estimates must be submitted at least eight (8) working days in advance of the event. Requests submitted within four (4) working days of the event will be honored only if Facilities Management personnel can reasonably accommodate the event.

Upon receipt of a request, the Facilities Operations office will check the request for completeness. Operations will get in touch with the contact person if the request is not complete. Complete requests will be forwarded to the Special Events Coordinator for coordination, planning and execution.

Special Event Planning Suggestions
A successful special event begins with planning. Facilities Management offers the following checklist to facilitate your planning process:

Have I reserved the space well in advance?

Have I initiated a work request through School Dude to specify how many chairs and tables I want and how I want them set up?

Are there any other special items I want for my event in this space I need to plan for?

Have I made arrangements for catering?

If an event is held during normal building hours and has less than 50 people in attendance, the security guard at the entrance to the building will be adequate for the event. If the event has more than 50 people, a separate security guard will be required.

If an event is held after normal building hours, a security guard will be required.

For security service for any event that requires an additional security guard, the cost of the time or size of your event may require that you notify the Public Safety department at 215-717 -6827 for security and building access issues (including unlocking of any reserved space).

To arrange for audio/visual equipment and operators, contact OTIS at 215-717-6677.

You must provide any signage for your event. Easels are the preferred method of display. Banners with existing grommets can be hung only by securing them to a 10-foot section of pipe and drape. Under no circumstance shall any type of banner, poster, or signage be secured to any wall surface or railing. Facilities Management should not be asked to secure these items at the completion of your event and will not be held liable for any lost or damaged items.

Facilities Management will furnish and arrange tables and chairs upon request. If more furniture is needed, Facilities can make arrangements for rental furniture. Rental furniture will be at the requestor's expense.

All tent set ups require a permit from the City of Philadelphia. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain the tent permit. Copies of the permit must be furnished to Facilities Management.